Percentage As You Earn   (%PAYE)

Finance and Finansurance of Human Investments (HI)

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Understanding Percentage As You Earn (%PAYE) Finance and Finansurance

      %PAYE started out with a short paragraph written by Milton Friedman in his book, "Capitalism and Freedom", published in 1961.  At the time, Brock d'Avignon was about five.  Brock read about the idea in an article published in Reason Magazine in May, 1970, written by Robert Poole in the Trends section.  
        Dr. Friedman never pursued the idea himself - but he encouraged Brock to do so, following the reports Brock provided to him on his research and suggesting he write a book about what he had found.    
        And pursue the idea, Brock did, spending the next 30 years in a study of charging methods and financial tools to assess how well they worked to create what we have identified as a Sustainable Human Economy (SHE).  
    A 'SHE' utilizes the lessons which demonstrably allowed individuals to weather the uncertainties which can occur in anyone's life while continuing to pursue life goals, survive misfortune, and care for those around them.  
         An economic tool can be used a weapon to steal what is not earned or it can be used to create outcomes which go beyond the life of the individual to create the bedrock of community.  These are carried in the beliefs, values, ideas and practices we take for granted.
           SHE provides stability while allowing each of us to pursue the opportunities for realizing the best within us. The acronym occured spontaneously when we inserted the humanity into the mix.  

Proof of Concept
Below is the origin, discovered ratification of benefits and safe-guards for our applications of %PAYE

Tools for Using %PAYE
Below is the origin, discovered ratification of benefits and safe-guards for our applications of %PAYE


Financing & Finansurance
Table 1:  Multivariate Methods  of
PAYE Finance & Finansurance

Percentage As You Earn
Table 2: Glossary - Econometric terms in PAYE,
Finance & Finansurance

Historical Lessons
Numbers 1 - 6

 Probe No. 1 - Merchant Adventurers and Redemptioners of Debt Defeat Indentured Servitude and Slavery

Probe No. 2 - Privateers' PAYE Financed Defense of Free-Market America

Probe No. 3 - The Rendezvous Between Mountain Men and PAYEments 

Probe No. 4 - PAYE Finances' "Continuum of Contact" as an Alternative to Bankruptcy's Bankruptcy

Probe No. 5 - An Involuntary Application - The U.S.S.R, The Education Soviet, and PAYE Finance

Probe No. 6 - Country Doctors - Reckoning PAYEments providing preventative and curative medical care for all.

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Case Studies 
Numbers 1 - 7
Beginning March and April 1970

Case Study 1
 - Duke University

Case Study 2 - Yale Colleges

Case Study 3 - Stanford Leland Junior


Case Study 4 - Harvard to Radcliff

Case Study 5 - University of Pennsylvania

                          Law School

Case Study 6 - State Legislatures and PAYE


Case Study 7 - Federal Government and

                          PAYE Financed Higher