Percentage As You Earn   (%PAYE)

Finance and Finansurance of Human Investments (HI)

 %AYE  Economic Stability and Fiscal Security for Each American
Human Investment Econometric
& Actuarial PAYEment Systems:

PAYE Medical Finansurance

A free-market universal comprehensive
care outcome & or the choice to choose
percentage-of-income options for:

  • Preventative care incentives to providers
  • Pre-PAYE or RePAYEment of curative care
  • Patient customer continuum of contact
  • Low-cost billing & records transfer service
  • Prosthetic Human Investments
  • Accident rehabilitation
  • Cosmetic surgery options
  • Reproductive health & contraceptives
  •  Neo-natal & obstetrics
  • Obstetric and disease gene therapy
  • Accelerated research & clinical trials
  •  Epidemic & disaster preparedness
  • Organ making match-up & delivery services
  • House-calls & hospice services
  • Longevity & quality immortality R&D plans 

    Percentage As You Earn (PAYE) EDUCs
      Education-Debt Underwriting Contracts

  •  Post-Graduate RePAYEment by majors
  • Lower cost-impact percents vs Longer time
  • Student loan finansurance
  • Installment default conversion to PAYE 
  • Zero-income year deferments
  • College privatization to alumni & faculty
  • Income-auditing & automatic deductions
  • Mentoring & charity deductions
  • EDUC Career Futures Exchange (CAFEX)
  • Human Investments in Education (HI-ED)
  • %AYE Cinema Studio Star Development (HI)
  • %AYE Digital Divide Gap-Bridging Finance

%AYE Financed Housing

  • Installment Conversion to %AYE
  • Property Title Verification Finansurance
  • Rent-to-Own & Escrow Services
  • Property Tax & Renters Finansurance
  • %AYE Construction Remodeling & Sales
  • Pride-of-ownership of former public housing
  • %AYE Finance for Motorhomes & Trailers
  • House Refurbishment & Sales Ad Finance 

PAYE Legal & Casualty Finansurance
  Restitution to Victims of Crime

  •  Non-violent outvict-income monitoring
  •  Outvict job grubstake business retraining
  • Pre-PAYEd Legal Services
  • Entrepreneurial start-Up & micro-finance
  • Mutual %AYE arbitration courts
  • %AYE Debt-Consolidation & Bankruptcy
  • %AYE Reputation & I.D. Theft RepairCompensation Justice Finansurance

Space-property Title & Asteroid
 Resources Consortium (StarCo)

  • Immigration & refugee relocation
  • Property & Casualty regional reinsurance
  • Oceanic & Space Resources Finansurance

PAYE Re-Employment & Tool Finance

  • Dis-employment savings & finansurance
  • Re-employment & interview travel finance
  • Job skills upgrade & seminar training
  • %AYE Apprentice grubstake & tooling 
  • Craftsman & Business Equipment sales
  • %AYE Relocation & Moving Finance
  • %AYE financed vehicle & truck sales
  • %AYE Farm Implement Purchasing
  • %AYE Co-op & Watergrid Improvements

​ Health Portal
Health, Well-Being & Prosperity for All

Dedicated to the memory of Jack Kemp

Starting with the Hard Case –
Affordable Health Care for the Homeless,
and for ALL in the Free-Market

Health Portal is the entry point for our Percentage As You Earn (%AYE) medical finansurance approach to providing affordable health care, and %AYE finance of housing, to all Americans with erratic incomes.  What is Percentage As You Earn (%AYE) Finance & Finansurance?

A proven charging method for major purchases on long-term contract, providing stability, as it is agreed to assume flexible amount PAYEments, reflecting the ups and downs in our lives. Finance of pre-existing conditions, insurance for statistical probabilities, and Human Investments for additional services are all PAYEd for by charging a percentage-of-income for what people want and need.

Multiple applications of PAYE proved themselves through centuries of use in America before being displaced by Rigid Installment Payments (RIPs) which are destroying our economy and our trust in a government which ignores the criminal acts accompanying the use of RIPs for so many kinds of loans. 

Research by d’Avignon on %AYE finance & finansurance on housing loans, was used by Jack Kemp in 1989-1992 when as US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), he attempted to begin a program to allow all federally owned low-income housing to be purchased by residents with very erratic incomes. Kemp was stopped from carrying this out while in government.  He tried again as the head of Habitat for Humanity. 

A payment of zero dollars when any of us are sick or lost a job is a form of security which PAYE provides routinely. A PAYE loan sends the message these normal ups and downs are understood.  

In a financial environment where 24% of all rigid, fixed installment amount, payment amount contracts, from all income levels, routinely go into default breaking contracts during every economic dip, this is amazing. It restores self confidence and encourages self-improvements, for instance staying in school or, as did Bill Gates, leaving school to build something new.  

Jack Kemp was a man of principles, and courage, who is sadly missed today. He was a champion for both the free-market, individual and civil rights. As Chair of Habitat for Humanity, he raised $596M for his campaign, “More than Houses,” that was to use percentage-of-income PAYEments on fixer-uppers. Again, using research he learned of from our CEO, Brock d’Avignon. Kemp also opened 100 Habitat offices worldwide to bring the income-contingent idea to global attention. Unfortunately, he passed away from cancer during this launch.

The first thing the homeless need is housing, not title to shopping carts. They need homes they own which cannot be lost to yet another round of corporate corruption and greed.

Governments in Utah and North Carolina, during the last 5 years, have learned to provide housing first on their “to do” list for people in poverty.

The adoption of the Housing First policy lowered the cost of social services in every need category, medical, police, and more.  Today the number of homeless people rebuilding their lives has dropped 91%.

If the free market can crack this nut, providing housing, the highest quality medical care, with personal choice, and better health for the most disadvantaged; why would any American, at any income level, choose something more expensive and risky? Or leave themselves vulnerable when injured, dis-employed, pregnant, or inventing a widget in a garage.  Health Portal provides health, stability and prosperity to its clients and members all the time by contract.  

Health Portal accepts all Pre-Existing Conditions because we finance coping with them. Finance is not insurance. Insurance deals with the future of likely events and shares the risk too. Human Investments can further enhance a person and logically their ability to earn an income or even a higher income. We understand the reasons for homelessness and the economic policies which added families to their number at a rate of over 50% since 2003. We understand Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) not only from combat overseas but from coping with street thugs and despair domestically.  There is neuro-feedback training, acupuncture, and alternatives to pharmaceuticals or people self-medicating themselves with alcohol or methamphetamines, or non-psycho-active yet anti-inflammatory marijuana.
People with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) similarly can have invested in them healing technologies like Hyper-Baric Oxygen Therapy (see, entry into jobs with accommodations and transport, entrepreneurial education, and collegiate education.
People needing job or educational enhancing prosthetics, genomic therapy, or other research into orphan diseases, can also support that with their growing income as Human Investments enabling them to earn and perhaps earn more as Ironman with Sarcos-Raytheon human amplifiers on a construction site, when they used to be also confined to a wheelchair.   More Tasks   

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Now, you can stop worrying.

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